• Who We Are

    We are one of the leading companies in providing shipping services, customs clearance, import & export. We have a group of specialists in all fields of shipping, customs clearance, import & export from all global markets. our customers accurately & safely & professionally & within the time specified in the timing of all the ports of the Republic, both for traders, factories, & transit, free zones & storage companies .

    What We Do

    • We provide customs clearance service for imports and exports of all kinds and complete customs operations in all customs centers and departments • Our business of shipping and clearing is not limited to loading your shipment in the truck, no; we are much deeper than that we continue to deliver the goods • We are flexible about the needs of our customers, because we understand that a constantly changing business environment means that there is no single solution that works for everyone.


    International Logistics Shipping was established in Alexandria - Egypt in 2002 under the name of El Horria International and changed its current name in 2016, as a company that provides shipping services (sea - air - land) and customs clearance and import, export and transportation.


    The best shipping services and customs clearance
    The best shipping rates and customs clearance
    Ease and speedy completion of customs procedures
    A trained and professional team
    Extensive safety measures for the safety of goods

  • Our Services

    Sea and Air freight

    transport all types of freight by road. provide road freight transport for everything from parcels and documents to oversized machinery.

    Import activity

    freight forwarder in which several smaller shipments are assembled and shipped together to avail of better freight rates and security of cargo.

    Customs clearance

    provides the backbone of product being stored, inspected, verified, and delivered from a company to the consumer, Well ensuring quality.

    Inland Transportation

    Secure, dry, indoor storage, Perfectly sized to pack by room, Protected inside a tractor trailer while transported cross-country, Easy to load.

  • Our Team

    Our team of the tasks of the follow-up shipment and rapid intervention with any party to resolve any problem facing the safety of shipment or delayed and tolerated delay penalties if so, where the customer is fully informed of all developments and intervention methods and solutions used.

    Our Solutions

    We keep the goods original condition and we are lifting them from customs and delivered to the customer on the same condition in which it was received without any damage to the rapid intervention to resolve any problem. Long year’s experiences in logistic services provided by our trained team to finish all papers, documents, procedures, technical and legal consultations to ship and clear your goods.

    Mahmoud Fahmy /General Manager
    Phone: +2 01009332025 | 01272029400
    Email: Mahmoud.Fahmy@int-ls.com

    Hady Hassan /Customs Clearance Manager
    Phone: +2 01099925247 | 01200038165
    Email: Hady.Hassan@int-ls.com

    Shimaa Ali /Freight Manager
    Phone: +2 01201788869 | 01066648068
    Email: Shimaa.Ali@int-ls.com

    Radwa Ahmed / Administration Coordinator
    Phone: 2 01274948255 | 01060033795
    Email: Radwa.Ahmed@int-ls.com

    Khaled Ebrahim /Financial Manager
    Phone: +2 01220731799 | 01099708722
    Email: Khaled.Ebrahim@int-ls.com

  • Our Location

    International logistic Shipping

    Behind 5 El Nasr Street- Loaloaa Retag Building
    Mansheya – Alexandria - Egypt
    Tel / Fax: +203 4831181
    E-mail: contact@int-ls.com

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